Heartbreak 101 For The Terminally Hopeful.

Hurt and loneliness are weights. They are heavy to lift, they make living difficult. Yet they make you stronger too, if you can survive them.


Why God Needs An Air Conditioner.

I read once that man could survive temperatures as high as 60 degrees with ease, though I'm sure this must involve comfortable trousers of some kind.

When The Mighty Fall.

We don't tend to care if a shooting star loses in a scuffle, but when someone who has worked, has toiled a hard road to get to that point loses, we shed bloody tears with them.


Just this afternoon I stared in amazement and some sense of horror as I watched the kids marathon through Katy Perry video clips.

The Boy In The Bottle.

Where normally there would be the sound of birds and the tide crashing against the beach there was silence, all hushed by the coming of a purer form of nature and the boy felt a tinge of excitement...

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