The Secret Joy Of The Food Court.

We are exposed, vulnerable when eating, all carefully built affectations lost to the dribble of sauce, the splatter of noodle and the wiping of stains from a once crisp and clean veneer.



Just this afternoon I stared in amazement and some sense of horror as I watched the kids marathon through Katy Perry video clips.

The Boy In The Bottle.

Where normally there would be the sound of birds and the tide crashing against the beach there was silence, all hushed by the coming of a purer form of nature and the boy felt a tinge of excitement...

Between Two Worlds.

Part of me wants to write articles about comics for the rest of my days. The other half wants to chuck everything in and move to the middle east and become a war correspondent.

Another Window To Crawl Through.

This love, this need to create; this compulsion to keep trying to keep improving and seeing what lies on the other side and the other side of that and the other side of that... it's not something to take for granted.

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