Saint Val Is Pregnant.

We, my family and I are standing on the threshold of something we can’t rightly fathom. It is bracing. There is colour in our cheeks. We are waiting to begin.

How Public Swimming Pools Made Me A Better Parent.

The public pool is a funny place. You are half naked among strangers, engaged in the most physical of activities, your body and soul laid bare by its exertions.

A Brother’s Keeper.

How do you commemorate a Birthday in death? How do you celebrate one’s arrival when they have already departed? I would light candles for you now, in celebration, only to extinguish them in two months time in mourning. These are strange bookends.

Last Christmas

So what do I really have to say about Christmas? So many amazing, beautiful and inspiring words have been crafted about the festive season, what could I possibly have to say on this day of days that could compare? What insightful and profound discovery have I made about the holiday seasons that have never been... Continue Reading →


Sometimes when you enter into an arrangement, whether it be personal or otherwise, you get more than you expected. Hair was one of those things.

Beef Balls And Life Changes.

The 'Artist-Formerly-Known-As-My-Wife' and I agreed that ordering the beef balls was probably a bad decision. “Like our marriage.” Hindsight and a slight sense of bitterness has imagined her saying. “Let's get divorced.”

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