As i turned 40 i found that life had become a strange and distant country, much like Wollongong; a place i had no control over, possessed very little understanding of and all the public toilets closed at 4.

My job was awful, my bank account was empty and my shoes were less than stylish.

I had two options.

1. Start a country and western band


 2.  Write about it.

My name is RW and I’m 40 and flailing. Here are my travels…

RW Adams Head Shot


*I am the Group Editor, Ongoing Regular Writer and contributing artist to the mighty KILLEROO comics. We are currently in the middle of our GANGWARS run before leaping into our gargantuan THE HUNTED storyline. KILLEROO has been an Australian comics fixture for over 17 years now and continues to leap (pun intended) from strength to strength. Check out the website HERE and join in all the social media goodness HERE.

*I am also currently the regular article writer for THE GWW where i rant and rave about comics, movies and pop culture in general. I had previously been a regular article writer for PROJECT-NERD before it folded but you can still check out the printed articles through the link.

*I recently started writing a regular column and various strange and unusual comic reviews for THE AUSTRALIAN COMICS JOURNAL which is re-launching under the brand new stewardship of DARREN ZEN CLOSE around the 1st of March (Which is, coincidentally my birthday and, yes, i do except rubies and doubloons of various sizes).

*I am also working on my novel for young readers, THE LAST DRAGON due for completion in 2018  and am currently posting chapters of my other novel, BLACKMAW over at wattpad.com.

*I also write freelance for a number of web sites on a variety of humorous, heart breaking and self deprecating matters.

If you have any work requests, project proposals, commissions, questions, queries, problems or strange and unusual rants you want to share, then head over HERE for contact details.

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