‘Life could be a dream, life could be a dream, sha-boom…’

As i turned 40 i found that life had become a strange and distant country, like Wollongong, a place i had no control over, possessed very little understanding of and all the public toilets closed at 4.

My job was awful, my bank account was empty and my shoes were less than stylish.

I had two options.

1. Start a country and western band


 2.  Write about it.

My name is RW and i’m 40 and flailing. Here are my travels…

RW Adams Head Shot

 I currently the regular article writer for THE GWW where i rant and rave about comics, movies and pop culture in general. I had previously been a regular article writer for PROJECT-NERD before it folded.

I am currently editing and writing for the KILLEROO: GANGWAR anthology for OZONE STUDIOS.

I am also working on my novel for young readers, THE LAST DRAGON due for completion in 2017  and am currently posting chapters of my other novel, BLACKMAW over at wattpad.com.

I also write freelance for a number of web sites on a variety of humorous, heart breaking and self deprecating matters.


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