I Don’t Really Write About Comics.

I don’t write about comics a lot here.

I don’t really talk about comics a lot either, i suppose. Comics have always been my church; the place i go to where i can feel most accepted, most at home. They have always been tomes of comfort when the world is too harsh or places of joy when all is well. They are more familiar to me than most things in the world.

So, as much as i love to debate whether Green Arrow is a better archer than Hawkeye or discuss the possible sexual irregularities of Elongated Man, i tend to carry my inner geek quite close to my chest. I try to spend as much of my time as possible creating stories and comics rather than talking or writing about them. This can, at times, involve me spending an inordinate amount of time staring into space, slack jawed with a slight dribble trickle hanging from my lower lip. It is difficult to explain to my loving and supportive partner, El Cohen, that this is actually me hard at work, the gears turning, sometimes in a rusty fashion to try and build the pieces of story i need. Other times i’m just thinking about what’s for dinner, but you get the idea.

I have also written for a couple of websites about comics (a list of which you can find HERE) so that probably scratched a big fanboy itch in me.

Unfortunately though, this has lead me to neglect my own work, neglect talking and sharing my own efforts and the projects i have been and am currently involved in.

Page one - Panel Five.jpg
A pensive Billy contemplates his life from OLD BILLY BEATTIE, featured in KILLEROO: GANGWARS book 5. Probably the work i’m most proud of… so far.

The biggest of these projects has most definitely been KILLEROO. When i came on board, Killeroo creator and OZ comic legend, Darren Close had around 200 pages of drawn comic, over a decade of Roo publishing and  a whole lot of chaos at his heels. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that formatting, refining, editing, making sense of and pulling all those disparate elements into one unified whole was a massive challenge but, here we are at the penultimate issue five of the series and it has been a blast working with Daz and getting those books out there. It’s a lot of work, but seeing the story play out and knowing where the series ends (i’ve written the entirety of the final issue) is incredibly exciting. I have had the good fortune of meeting and corresponding with a great number of rare talents and that has pushed me on to do better, to write better, to draw better.

As well as seeing through the production of the final GANGWARS book (and finalising plots and scripts for its follow up series, THE HUNTED), i have been working on my own creations too, all of which will see the light of day soon.

01A. PAGE 1 Excerpt.jpg
Bad things are coming to the town of Forge in, The Book Of Christoph.

I am hip deep at the moment (and yes, that’s as uncomfortable as it sounds) in writing and drawing new material, all of which i am tentatively planning to release in my own anthology book, DOGSBODY, which is planned to be let out of its cage by the end of the year (and yes, i know that in stating these things out loud i am inviting the wrath of god, but i’m sure he/she is a thoroughly decent chap/lass and has far more important things to do than knacker my plans).

There are a lot of other things i’m working on currently too, more of which i will force into your eyeballs and brains at a later date. In the meantime, i endeavour to use that new fangled invention i’ve been hearing so much about, ‘social media’ to connect and share more, even though to me it is as comfortable as a porcupine rectal thermometer .

You can grab an issue and check out all things Killeroo related at www.killeroo.com

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