Saint Val Is Pregnant.

Our baby is due any second now. Literally.

After seventeen kajillion months, we have arrived at the due date and, yes, it is Valentines Day.

I don’t hold much stock in Valentines day. I’m one of those arrogant sods who don’t believe I need some random and apparently lovelorn saint to tell me when to be nice to my loved one. In my eternal optimism I like to think that I do that every day, except for on the given release day of any Star Wars movie, which is ME time.

This Valentines day I feel a river of love as strong as the Mississippi (I assume). My baby boy is due today. Whether he comes or not, his occasion has coloured ol’ Saint Val in a different hue; taken something shallow and primary and given it breadth and depth and texture.

We, my family and I, are standing on the threshold of something we can’t rightly fathom. It is bracing. There is colour in our cheeks. We are waiting to begin.

Something new. Something endless.


There are so few real something’s which happen. This is one of them.

We are breathless with anticipation.

We can’t wait for you. But we do anyway.

You will be worth it.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

May your colours run rich.

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