A Life Less Ordinary.

Of late, I have been quite irregular in my posts here.

This is because of that funny thing called ‘life.’

You know that Lennon saying about life happening when you have other plans? Yeah. That kind Of thing. Truth is, I am writing all the time, but, unfortunately, writing in and of itself is not conducive to life experience. Sure, I could bore you all shitless with gushes about my family and what we’ve been doing or regale you with info about the inroads i’m making into the comic book world; the progress i’m making with my novel. But no. I don’t want to share anything I don’t feel is, at the very least entertaining.

Except for this post, obviously.

Yet what it has made me realise is that perhaps my writing life has become somewhat stifling. As Joe Strummer always said, “No input, no output.” I need to interject some life into proceedings.

So here we go. If you see more posts coming thick and fast at you over the coming weeks, then you’ll know that I am out there – doing. If not, perhaps I am on the couch, scratching a possibly, previously unknown part of myself to the point of contentment.

Or maybe I am just living; thoughtless toward words and reportage, up to my nipples in life and the joy therein.

Or maybe I’m playing Mah-Jong online.

Only time will tell.

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