Wearing overalls has always made me slightly look like the type of yokel who kills something just to see it dead. I am Cletus in overalls and I scare myself. The world of the handyman has never been high on my list of destinations in life, but I have taught myself how to be useful with the occasional screwdriver; proficient with a hammer and nail and able to operate a drill without emergency services having to be involved. These past two days I have been working in the garden; improving upon the kids tree house (it now does mach 10 in a westerly breeze), mowing the lawns, pruning (yes, that is a thing) and making two benches for us to sit around the fire upon. The benches are currently sat upon two separate sets of boxes until I figure out a more permanent base for them, but the general idea is in place.

My point is that i’m tired. It’s been a busy couple of days, what with visits to the pool, long walks for shopping and El Cohen picking fights with her eight legged enemies. I’m tired and as I sat down to write, after being gifted some moments silence by the aforementioned El Cohen, I found that I had nothing of note to write about. It’s not that things haven’t been happening. Just this afternoon I stared in amazement and some sense of horror as I watched the kids marathon through Katy Perry video clips. Surely there’s a novel length essay in the ludicrous depths I found there, but no. My brain doesn’t want to play that particular game today.

So I did something i’ve never done, nor have ever needed to do; I typed “topics to write about” into Lord And Master Google. The first one that came up that caught my attention was, “Write about something ugly.” There was some other crap after it about “finding silver linings within it” but fuck that, I thought. I’m in with the ugly.

The first thing that came to mind when writing about ugly, obviously, was typing “topics to write about” in Master Google. What a horrifying concept. If you can’t think of anything to write about, that’s the universes way of saying “become a plumber.” Of course, I am aware of the irony that I myself have done that very thing I am condemning others for and would like to defend myself by saying, You are! Shut Up! And Yo mamma!

Thank you, we shall now continue with the previously advertised program.

The one thing I find uglier than anything else in this world though, is ignorance. Ignorance to me isn’t a lack of knowledge; It is acting upon a lack of understanding. Racists are ignorant. Sexists are ignorant. Bigots of any kind are ignorant. Much of the time these bigots, racists, homophobes,  whatever might be highly intelligent people, but they act upon a lack of understanding. This, most always seems to be predicated by some inner tragedy; some event from their past which has marred them and dictated their every subsequent direction. We all have a past and we all know how much it can influence our decisions. Yet where some recognise these traits, these scars in our life and act upon them, the ignorant do not. They are not to be damned, of course, we each come to our own realisations in our own time and not all of us are so fortuitous as to have benevolent influences in our lives which lead us to these points.

Yet to see ignorance acted upon is an ugliness I cannot bear. It is repellent as it always, always leads to another human being suffering for the ignorant’s actions.

Another thing I find ugly, are abrupt endings to blogs.

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