My Son.

He was whipped away from our flailing hands and taken to a table in the corner of the room, where three nurses, like the witches of Macbeth huddled over him performing arcane rituals of a modern malady.

A Boy’s View Of A Man’s Body.

I was too tall too soon, I went through puberty a year or two ahead of everyone else and I stood out like a penis at a vagina party. I woke at the ripe old age of twelve with a caterpillar permanently entrenched upon my lip and a baritone Barry White would have been proud of.

The Good Ol’ Days!

When you had the right answer to a question in class, you were not allowed to raise your hand, but instead had to raise the dead. If unable to do this you were sent to the headmasters office who then gave you six of HIS best.

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