Trying To Make Sense Of The Senseless.

I am not a religious man.

I don’t believe in humanity either. Not in large groups. Too often as a species we have we been given the opportunity to touch the face of greatness and too often we have chosen the lesser path. We are capable of such cruelty, such malice, such hate. When presented with the opportunity to re-write the world, to commit to a greater aspiration, we flinch and doubt and turn from it, or twist it into a corrupt version of its original intent. As a collective, we rarely inspire.

As individuals, we are beautiful.

As single souls we create miracles and set the skies on fire. We aspire to greater things and carve untold paths through unknown kingdoms. All great things achieved during our fragile history upon this earth have stemmed from the greatness of the individual. They plant their greatness in others, inspire, lead individuals toward their own sense of truth.

We need those people now. We need, each of us, individually to aspire.

The bigoted will blame religion for what is happening in the world right now. The fearful will say we are a t war. We are not. A war involves two factions. What is happening in the world now involves the innocent being preyed upon. Cowardice, when weaponised becomes terrorism, but make no mistake; beneath it all it is still cowardice.

Their actions are designed to create terror; fear. Don’t give in to it.

Action needs to be taken. Safe guards established. Certainly.

But hate feeds on hate.

Events are going to take place regardless. Terrorism will be fought, with guns and death and torture and the loss of lives worth saving. That is inevitable. That is the dominion of the machine that we have, supposedly designed to protect us.

But the greatest loss would be ourselves; our spirit, our essence.

Hate only hurts those who feel it. Those you hate could care less, generally.

But terrorists feed off it. It validates them, proves them right.

Hate, small mindedness, bigotry, intolerance… these are what grease the wheel of terror.

Don’t allow it. Don’t give it dominion.

The individual decides to drive a truck into a crowd celebrating freedom.

Only the individual can stand on the other side of such hate and say enough. It stops here.

Only the individual can say that you will not win. Each of us.

Alone. Together.

I am not a religious man, but I pray for that.


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