Why Don’t Women Commit Hate Crimes?

My mum has a temper. So does my girlfriend.

Yet, as far as I know, neither of them have ever entered into a crowded room with a loaded semi-automatic and killed a bunch of strangers.

To be fair, neither has my dad, but my point is, women don’t seem to commit the same kind of atrocities as men. When another pointless, senseless and avoidable mass shooting happens in America, the inevitable conversation happens about tighter gun control and why the gun lobby refuses to pull its collective head out of its collective arse.

Yet it’s become blatantly clear that guns don’t kill people, it’s men that kill people.

The last woman I heard of bearing arms and killing a large number of people was Joan of Arc and she had her reasons. Also, the ones she killed were armed too which, you know, makes a difference. Yet of the 133 mass shootings which have occurred this year in America alone (that’s right, 133 according to the Gun Violence Archive), ALL of them were committed by men.

Is there something genetic within the male gene which cannot be contained? Is it something related to the penis? Is it a testicular issue? Does penis envy have a lot to answer for? I myself am a male (I have photos to prove it), yet the thought of firing a gun of any kind makes my arse clench and little girl tears to come from my eyes. Then I remember that I’m not American so I don’t count.

Yet the problem in America is so pronounced  it seems redundant now to even ban semi-automatic weapons as this would only lead men to seek out thermo-nuclear weapons with which to commit their mass killings. Inevitably this would end in some kind of arsenal of ‘satellite type death rays’ being built which, of course, would be much worse, though very cool in a sci-fi sort of way.

No, there is only one answer that makes sense when it comes to arms control, that resonates with all humanity and guarantees our safety.

Only allow women to have guns.

That’s right, just slap an estrogen tester on the trigger so that no man can fire it and there you go, problem solved. The right to bear arms will not be infringed upon, so Charlton Heston’s rotting, twisted corpse can remain in whatever hell is reserved for him, they will just be beared by someone who’s not a total dickhead with aggression issues. We will also be safe from the dread programming which is so easily conducted on males by ISIS, as women seem to be able to think for themselves and incapable of being convinced that walking into a crowded nightclub and attempting to kill all within is even vaguely a rational or humane idea.

A wise man once said, “if women ruled the world there would be no more wars… just one long one that would go on forever.”

Perhaps, but I bet there wouldn’t be a single shot fired.

2 thoughts on “Why Don’t Women Commit Hate Crimes?

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  1. I get the point you’re trying to make, but I would disagree a little bit. Women do kill people, and there have been female murderers, female shooters and female terrorists. The difference is I think that men and women are raised to deal with anger and other really negative emotions in different ways. From the time we’re children boys are taught that being violent is normal, just part of being a boy, and girls are taught to be nice and suff out any sort of internal rage. Neither of which is great. That’s why women attempt suicide more than men but men complete suicide more, women are trained not to draw attention, not to make a fuss, and men go and shoot their brains out – a little difficult to mess up. The same goes for our processing of extremely violent emotion. Most often women who kill do so with poison or through more subtle means, and women who do kill with guns are generally given lighter sentancing because the world expects that a woman who shoots someone can’t have done so on her own violation, she must be under the influence of a man who is more violent than she is. And there are women in ISIS, there are female suicide bombers, there are women who commit horrible offenses, but they aren’t seen as a raging violent person like the men are, they are seen as either being confused or mentally unstable. So they aren’t talked about the same way in the media. Men aren’t necessarily more agressive than women, they generally just act on it in very different ways.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Victoria. Very interesting viewpoint.
    I am, of course, not saying that women do not kill, just that comparatively speaking, female mass shooters are practically non-existent when compared to the amount of males that commit such a crime. There are, of course, female terrorists, yet we have not seen converted females commit mass shootings. I wonder why that is, or if we are yet to see such a thing.
    You raise some interesting points about the difference in raising men and women and how this manifests and i’m curious as to where you got your statistics from regarding female suicide compared to men and the methods which women use to kill. Would be fascinated to read those sources.


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