Touch The Faces Of Your Gods Daily.

It’s okay to feel that you are better than your current circumstance might suggest. Most of us live to do something which is in complete opposition to how we actually fill our days.

Silence Is Strength

When applied to others, our otherwise faltering vast knowledge regarding the world and its fixing is spot on and non-negotiable. Our stellar advice should always be heeded, disregarding the smouldering wreck of our own lives from which it comes. Do as we say, not as we do.

My Life On Medication.

Most people assume me to be a well adjusted, decent chap, but if they saw the ugliness that fills me in these moments, they would be terrified. I’m terrified and I have lived with it all my life.

Stop The World, I Need To Pee.

It is hard to not feel that we are doomed if Trump takes the White House. Not necessarily because of him, but because we, as humans allowed it. If a countries ultimate seat of power reflects the aspirations of its people, then we have allowed our standards to drop too low.

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