The Simple Power Of Anonymity.

I find it hard to imagine that the many who have truly contributed to the worth of humankind would have spent too much time on Facebook or ‘tweeting.’ Perhaps greatness is preceded by an innate sense of self worth, a lack of need for outside approval and a greater desire to act upon that which is important. A realization that the act, in and of itself, is enough.

I Once Wore Self-Pity Well.

Sure, that mod army jacket looked BITCHIN’ way back when, but I was no longer that person. Now it would make me look an embittered Vietnam Veteran. Those old ideas were not only ill fitting, but they were an insult to what I had become

Change As Love.

We effect an awful lot of change in ourselves to court love, to gather it from outside sources, but real change is not about the petty affectations of others and is wholly concerned with trying to court ones self.

Chasing Humanity: A Short Piece On Marie Colvin

A good writer elevates, informs them of themselves as much as of the outside world. A great writer assumes great intelligence on the part of the reader. There is a nobility in striving to retain that intelligence within the world and nobility feels in short supply.

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