Et Tu Fashion?

Having a body type over-looked by fashion is not purely the domain of the female. I have a body only David Cronenberg could love and have had coat hangers thrown at me by Jean-Paul Gaultier.


Me And My Shadow.

It’s hard to write about this. Though not what i usually post here, I suppose I feel it’s important, or perhaps I just feel I need to share how I feel today. I have always been very honest about the fact that I suffer from depression and that I have my entire life. It’s not the... Continue Reading →

On Being A Dick.

As a forty year old single parent who has had, if not Motley Crue levels of interactions with the opposite sex then at the very least, John Denver levels I wondered if I had anything to offer to the world which might enrich or assist another’s travels...

Indy And Me.

When you really think about it, Indiana Jones is a bit of an arse. He’s selfish, he’s arrogant, he constantly places those he cares about in danger and he kills at random when people get between him and some dusty old relic that nobody else cares about.

Being 40…

Having only just craned my neck into the dark and dusty recesses of this decade in my gradual aging, I can only estimate what is ahead.

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