Plotting A Course.

Life is difficult. I don’t think I’m going to win an award for stating that.

Yet there are things which make it harder, sometimes actions, not entirely your own which feel unnecessary but which, ultimately make everything seem more difficult.

When you’re a single parent, these things can sometimes be magnified by the fact that you feel you have so little control over the most important element of your life; your kids.

When the ‘other’ parent makes decisions which seem random and illogical; hurtful and self-involved, your world seems that much more walled than usual; that much more difficult to navigate.

I discovered a long time ago, when faced with obstacles which would have made the Argonauts search for a Xanax (not really, but let’s libel the fictional Greeks who can’t defend themselves in court, shall we?) I realised that the most important thing i could do was to plot my course and to go on it.

That way, i was clear, i was certain of my direction and whatever happened, whatever stray and misdirected sling might have been thrown my way, iare was sure of my part in proceedings.

Without a path we are uncertain; lost and we end up in darker regions than we otherwise might have wanted.

When we plot a course, we are more certain, less sway-able and find it far easier to know what are the actions of ourselves or are those of others.

Know what you want in and of yourself. Know which direction it lies.

I have plotted my course.

Today is a day where that course is challenged, but i am not swayed.

I know who i am and where i am going. All else belongs to the world.

MY world is solid.

Plot your course. Go on it. There is nothing else.

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